Sync Your Smart Phone Calendar


Best if completed on your computer and then sync the calendar to your phone as it doesn't work on all phones.

Step 1: Create your rampbook account - if you have an account already proceed to step 2. Create an athlete profile under "account menu" (top left) If you have more than 1 child create a profile for each child. 

Step 2: This step must be completed every year. Click "search players" tab.  Searching by "player name" is the easiest way to find your child.  Choose your child's profile which has the current season information. Click on the blue "person icon" to add the child to your profile. Be sure to add the "pembina pirates" player if you would like all practices synced to your calendar as well. To avoid duplicate games appearing on your calendar, do not add both the "pirates" icon and the "NAI"

Step 3: Click on "my calendar" tab. Choose the time zone and then either "google" or "non - google" sync depending on the type of calendar you have. Follow the rest of the instructions.


Generally the games do not appear immediately in your calendar. Allow some time for it to sync. 

To get your calendar to sync to your smart phone, open your calendar on your phone, and choose "calendars to display". You may also need to refresh the calendar to get it to show the new information. 



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